Live & Otherwise!!

Chris and Spencer stretchin them vocal chords!!
The Maestro and The 4 String King!!
diggin into some tastiness
Is it Me or The Bottle or is that Spencer on bass.. wait its both…lol
Rockin the Vox and my favorite Gretsch!!
Spencer…grit and chugga chugga guitars
Chris Herninko…the futures lookin so bright.. I gotta…
Sean Flynn…you put a guitar in this guys hands and he’s playing it…even during a photo shoot!! Lol
Eric Mauro…Maestro of the keys
Jojo Buerklin…Its gotta backbeat, you cant lose it
oi!! and of course, feelin no pain…lol
Jojo.. feelin the tunes
Anyone up for an Spencer’s Elegant Heartache Ale?!
Doin my best Johnny Cash.. ha ha…new Tshirt or..?! lol
trackin for “The Party Never Ends”
Enjoy the studio much Chris?! Ha ha
In the zone!!